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Some craft beer lovers who use the applications, Untappd or Pintley received an invitation to attend a tasting of four unreleased Sam Adams beers during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.  The event was sponsored by Sam Adams and held at Ghost Plate & Tap. This old style tavern was the perfect setting to try these beers that will be available toward the end of October.

Each beer will be released in small quantities and represent small batch creations from Sam Adams.  Here are the four beers with details obtained from tasting notes by Sam Adams.

  • Tasman Red is a red IPA. Brewed with Topaz and Galaxy hops grown near the Tasmanian Sea, this beer does not have a strong hop flavor. ABV 6.5%
  • Third Voyage is a double IPA with a stronger hop presence, but not overbearing. The beer is brewed with Cascade hops from England, New Zealand and the Pacific Northwest. It is named for the third voyage of Captain James Cook, which visited those locations. ABV 8%
  • Griffin’s Bow is an oaked barleywine that is golden in color. This beer is surprisingly smooth with an ABV of 11.5%.  The name for this beer goes back to medieval England when barleywines were made and the griffin was a symbolic protector of treasures.
  • The Vixen, a chocolate chili bock mixes the aroma and flavors of dark cocoa, cinnamon, and chilies. This dark brew may be the most interesting of the bunch! ABV8.5%
Keep your eyes open and get these when you see them. Each is a unique taste and celebrates the creativity of brewers.

3 Responses to Sam Adams Single Batch Series

  • BeerJunkie
    BeerJunkie says:

    What was your favorite Pat? These all sound delicious.

  • Pat
    Pat says:

    I was pleasantly surprised with all of them. I prefer dark beers, so The Vixen was my favorite. It has great flavor. Second would be Griffin’s Bow which could definitely sneak up on you with its 11% ABV. IPAs are not my favorite style, but both were drinkable and the hops didn’t overwhelm the beer. I’m hoping to find bottles of all of them in our area when they are released.

  • BeerJunkie
    BeerJunkie says:

    Very nice! I’ll have to look out for these beers and get one for myself…Although I’m pretty sure I was able to try a couple of them at the GABF, but I don’t remember the names 😉

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