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Monthly Archives: March 2012

St. Patrick’s Day is not only for celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, it is also to celebrate to culture of Ireland. One of the most popular ways of doing that is do enjoy one of the great beers of that country!

Of course there are many great Irish beers to enjoy, but the goto beer seems to always be Guinness!  For me, I always enjoy a great dark beer.  And of course, Guinness is one of them.  I have yet to find a dark beer that is able to deliver so much creaminess! And it is very unique in the fact that it has a nitrous capsule to kick in the carbonation, only after cracking it open! But for some time, I have been wanting to try my hand at making a black and tan.

(Yes, I know only half of this is Irish and Harp was no where to be found!)  So here it is! For the most part it seemed pretty simple.  I did cheat a bit by searching Youtube for a clip, but it really did not affect my strategy.  One of the key things you will need is the Spoon!  A co-worker of mine actually hooked me up with an official Guinness Pour Spoon one that I think is the whole key to a successful pour!  The other think is to BE PATIENT!

The pour of the Bass is pretty fool proof.  You just want to make sure you hit it half way up the glass and keep the head to a minimum.  The pouring of the Guinness is a bit more complex.  First off, when you crack the Guinness, you will get some overflow of the can due to the nitrous discharge. In addition, the beer is a bit volatile, so I would give it about 30 seconds to a minute to let it

settle down.  Then when you do the pour, You need to have the spoon in place.  You should carefully pour it over the spoon to get the layer to happen!  Then you are done!

Don’t get all worked up about blended beers on me!  This is a classic, and I am really not one to do such a think!  But every so often, there comes along a blend that is deserving of a try!















I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did! I look forward to next year and some more experiments with Irish Beer!



El Hefe




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