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Nothing screams “#STOUT DAY” like some Black Hole Sun from Black Market Brewing in Temecula, CA. Myself and Jim (Official Beer Blog Photo Guy!) were lucky enough to get a taste of this beer before it was actually completed. Even at that early stage, we knew it would be great. Fast forward a month, and this beer has been become even more magical! Finished in Rye Whiskey Barrels, this classic example of an Imperial Russian Stout does not disappoint. The overall aroma consists of currant and plum combined with the toasted malt. You will also pick up a bit of the 15.2% Alcohol effect off the nose! The color on this is PITCH BLACK (as the name implies) with a tan colored head. I bet a 1000 watt light would not even make it through this dense liquid! The pour of this beer is a wonderfully thick elixir. Due to everything that is going on, the head of the beer quickly disappears into the moat of goodness. As any good, (But Impatient) Stout lover will do, you give it as much of a rest as possible and let the beer warm up. The characteristics really come together after about 15 mins of warming. The flavor on this brew is amazing! You can definitely pick-up the flavors of the Whisky Barrel, along with sweet toasted malt with a bit of some clove notes. That along with the plum / currant combination make this beer a true winner. As you finish your taste of this medium to heavy bodied beer you get a creaminess as the malty sweetness coats your tongue. As the slight alcohol warming makes its way through your body, you realize this beer will be one to not rush through.
The crew at Black Market Brewing have hit a home run with this one! Thanks to Shaun and Aaron for bringing this beer to our attention and allowing us to review! It will be a mainstay in the Official Beer Blog cellar!  Them along with the rest of the crew are doing a great job (And have come along way in just a few short years)  I was also amazed to see a price for this beer! (Actually less than 10 at Bevmo!) They are already prepping some additional whiskey barrels. (Not sure if it will be for this or another wonderful variation!) We look forward to tasting and talking about those as them become a reality!

Stock up for the upcoming Stout Day Celebration!


El Hefe and Jim the Photo Guy

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