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10.25.13Stone Enjoy By 10-25-2013 IPAHave you ever looked at the best by date imprinted on a bottle of beer and wondered if the beer actually tastes better before that date or if the brewery is simply engaging in an ingenious marketing plan? In order to wrap my brain around that quagmire, I decided to conduct an experiment and consume a common brand of beer well after the expiration date. After cracking open the bottle and putting it to my lips, I was met with a flat, un-flavorful, and appalling taste. I had to ask myself if the same would be true with Stone’s Enjoy By 10.25.13 IPA.

On a recent trip to the Stone Brewing Company with the Official Beer Blog, I pulled a stool up to the rustic bar and ordered an Enjoy By 10.25.13. I am here to tell you that this beer is all about the hops! My first encounter was a sharp explosion of hops that reminded me of Eddie Van 10.25.13Halen’s guitar solo in Eruption. The hops in this beer completely overwhelmed my pallet with the taste of pine and left me with that familiar short lived numb feeling. According to Stone Brewing Company the beer was brewed with a multitude of hops, including super galena for bitterness. Hops used for flavor were comprised of New Zealand simka, Cascade Citra, and Amarillo hops. Once the brewing process was complete the brew master dry hopped the beer with New Zealand and Australian Galaxy hops.

Following the explosion of hops I immediately was met with sweet tones of honey, orange peel, and a hint of wild flowers in the lingering finish. This double IPA has an even color that looked like a spectacular amber and orange sunset dipping below the mountains between Escondido, California and the Pacific coast. The head on this beer is an

off white color and contains intricate interlocking leggings that appear to wander slowly down the edge of the glass. The mouth feel is truly the pinnacle of this double IPA. It is a medium bodied beer that is bursting with carbonation and is extremely easy to drink.

In my opinion the argument of whether this double IPA lasts beyond the Enjoy by date is not a debatable topic. My supply of Stone’s Enjoy By 10.25.13 will be long gone before the calendar turns to 10.26.13!


3 Responses to Stone Brewing Company Enjoy By 10.25.13 Double IPA

  • king David says:

    The quagmire Mr. Mike Simpson really is that you compared a “common beer” with a Stone “Enjoy By”. My question is, is your work genuine or just another brain-washing gimmick?

  • steelhousebrewing says:

    It is in fact truth. And not a paid advertisement by the genius’s at stone. I just cracked open a 9-13-13 enjoy by that some how got misplaced deep in my refrigerator for 3 weeks past its date and let me start off by telling you the the fresh explosion of hops was just not there like it was prior to its ENJOY BY DATE. Noticing the drop off in hopness I then decided to push my luck and crack open a fresh 10-25-13 to compare and there was the hop blast I was looking for. So in the end the brewers at stone have the enjoy by date down to a science.

  • Mike Simpson says:

    Thank you for your comment David King. I am a new independent writer for the Official Beer Blog. I guarantee you that I do not work for Stone Brewing or am I connected to them in anyway. I will be writing reviews and articles for this website in the future and my work will include many different breweries. Please check the blog often and I hope you enjoy my writing!

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